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Active Edge™ Received a Great Review on Gear Diary!

Active Edge™ received a spectacular review on Gear Diary!  Read an excerpt from the article below or read the full story on Gear Diary.   Active Edge technology is also available as an add-on for Survival Straps® products, giving customers hundreds more style options and the benefit of our cutting edge technology. 

A Skeptics Review of Active Edge

When I first heard about Active Edge, I was skeptical. Carly had written about them some time ago, and her review left me curious. When I was offered an Active Edge shirt to try, I wasn’t sure what my experience might be. This post holds my subjective thoughts on the product.

As someone who deals with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my inflammatory disease is largely under control, but it has left me with a fused right wrist. Despite the collections of medications I take to control it, frequent swelling my ankles and hands. Active Edge claims to help with that inflammation. This is achieved by Active Edge products being embedded with a proprietary electromagnetic frequency technology specifically geared to fight inflammation……. 

……….Thus far I have no doubt this review sounds like an infomercial for Active Edge products. I’m not aiming for that, but all of that information was necessary for me to explain why, when I read the website after receiving a $64.99 review sample shirt, I became suspicious and was slow to review the product.

Into my review queue it went, and there it stayed for some time. Fast forward many weeks, and I reread the website. It makes lofty claims and, while I was still suspicious, I decided to see if the shirt actually DID improve my sleep. So, one night late spring, I pulled the review sample out of the drawer and put it on before heading to bed for the night.

Most days I don’t sleep particularly well and, when I wake up in the morning, I am remarkably stiff for the first twenty to thirty minutes. The first morning after sleeping in the Active Edge shirt, I found that I not only had slept better than usual, but I also had little to no morning stiffness. I assumed, however, that this was a case of the placebo effect.

So I slept another night in the shirt and had the same results. And I started to wonder… Is it possible that there actually IS something to the company’s claims? After a few more days with the same impact, I went to the company site and ordered two more of their products, a black nylon bracelet for $69.99 and a black nylon necklace for $69.99.

They were pricey, but I was actually starting to believe the claims made on the website. Both arrived a few days later. The necklace is a bit too thick and rigid for me to wear comfortably, but the bracelet was a different story. I began wearing it all day and sleeping in the Active Edge shirt at night, and I noticed a significant diminishing of the pain in my wrists during the day. And on the days when I have not worn the bracelet, a conscious choice to see if it made a difference, I’ve noticed a significant increase in stiffness and pain. Color me surprised.

Now look, I am totally open to the possibility that most of what I have experienced being largely the power of suggestion or the placebo effect. Still, since I feel better when I wear the bracelet and/or sleep in the shirt, I’m not going to argue.

Long story short, the company can add one more fan to their growing list of people who appreciate their products. But while I’m a fan, I make no claims to confirm the company promises. For that, you will have to try the products yourself. That’s easy since they offer a decent guarantee and, if you aren’t satisfied, you can return the products for up to 30 days.

We at Active Edge, strongly believe in the quality of our products. We want you to be 100 percent satisfied. Check your gear out once it arrives and if this is not the case, please contact our customer service team and we will make it right. We gladly accept exchanges or returns of unwashed, unworn or defective merchandise within 30 days of receiving your purchase.

I’m personally a fan, and I will keep wearing Active Edge’s products. In fact, since they make a dog collar, I’m going to see if I can get a sample of that for our new puppy who arrives later this week. Check them out here.

Source: Manufacturer review sample of the Active Edge shirt and personal purchase of the bracelet and necklace

What I Like: My experience actually lives up to the claims made by the company on the product pages

What Needs Improvement: Company claims scientific studies but bases it on just 2500 people; Items are pricey

To read the full article in its entirety, please visit Gear Diary

Active Edge Technology Featured On!

Active Edge™ is fired up to be receiving national media attention!  Read the article in it's entirety below.

Fox News National article, by Melinda Carstensen, Fox News Health Editor 

Wearable technology may improve sleep, endurance and chronic pain

Sixty-three-year-old David Baker made a living driving tractor trailers in the South for 40 years. But when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006, the condition meant the days he could still operate the equipment, much less walk without stumbling, were numbered.

Baker went on disability two years after his diagnosis, at which point he began to rely on a walker. Today, however, Baker can stand strong, most often without assistance— a capability due in large part, he said, to a bracelet infused with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT) that he has worn since 2013.

Baker is one of about 30,000 people worldwide who is using the device, which was created by Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.-based company Active Edge. PEMF works by pulsing electromagnetic waves through the body to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. PEMFT has been approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for decades, but Active Edge said its products are the first to offer these health benefits via wearable technology.

Gainesville, Fla.-based InBalance Technologies created the specialized PEMF technology that can be infused into fabric, and began collaborating with Active Edge CEO and founder Kurt Walchle after being introduced by a mutual contact through the Navy Seal Foundation.

Walchle and his wife, Melissa, had made a name for themselves in the U.S. military community for their success with Survival Straps, the couple’s previous venture which has resulted in the sale of over 1 million paracord bracelets— multipurpose bands that can be used to create shelter, traps for food, fire and more if the wearer is stranded in the outdoors— in the past six years. The Walchles began that company about eight years ago.

When Walchle heard about the potential business opportunity with InBalance, he was skeptical. But when he tested the technology himself and began sleeping better, having reduced pain in his elbow and more endurance while running, he was sold, and decided to embed the technology in the same material used to make Survival Straps.

“Our Survival Straps products have been credited with saving lives,” Walchle told “Then this technology comes along, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, is this for real? What an incredible way that we can not just help people when there’s an emergency and they really need it, but we can improve people’s quality of life.’ I thought, ‘What a gift.’”

Putting Active Edge to the test

Active Edge offers PEMFT through its necklace and performance bracelet, each which are sold on its website for about $60, as well as through its fusion belt, which goes for about $65. For now, its products are marketed as performance enhancers, but the company is working with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to conduct separate clinical trials that can provide scientific evidence that the devices also reduce inflammation and offer a direct medical benefit. By testing its products through the DoD, Active Edge is aiming to avoid the time and money often involved in earning FDA approval— a process that could cost millions of dollars and upwards of 10 years, Walchle said.

Over the past four years, Active Edge has run about 25 independent clinical trials involving nearly 2,500 men and women between ages 18 and 82. Tests suggest the product results in a 17 percent average increase in range of motion, a 12 percent average increase in grip strength, an 8 percent average reduction in fatigue with an increase in REM restorative sleep time, and a 23 percent increase in oxygen intake.

Two separate, small clinical trials have been conducted at the University of Florida Shands Hospital in an effort to show the technology has an effect on blood flow and inflammation with thermal imaging evidence.

Robert Erickson, medical director of Gainesville Thermogarphy, in Gainesville, Fla., who supervised the studies at the University of Florida, said both trials revealed the technology changed temperature differentials and resulted in thermal imaging differences in study participants who wore them.

“In some way, this electromagnetic energy is interacting indirectly or directly with the sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the involuntary nervous system,” Erickson told

The involuntary nervous system ends at the dermatome, located on the skin’s surface, which can be analyzed with thermography to study inflammation in different parts of the body including the spine, the liver and the kidneys, Erickson said.  Thermography looks at temperature changes due to sympathetic nervous system changes.

“Unlike an X-ray that penetrates through the organ, [with thermography], you can get a view of what’s going on inside the body,” Erickson said.

During the first trial, a double-blind study, Erickson and a thermographer had four people wear headbands. Two headbands were treated and two were not.

The thermographer took the participants’ thermal images at baseline three minutes prior to putting on the headbands and again three minutes after wearing them.

After a separate medical company interpreted the findings, results suggested thermal changes and decreases in temperature differentials among people wearing both the untreated and treated headband, but that those changes were most statistically significant among those people wearing the treated version.  

In a follow-up study involving an additional seven patients, Erickson analzyed how the technology affected thermal imaging on certain parts of the body when pulsed through other material: T-shirts, socks and wristbands.  

He and the thermographer used digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) scans of people not wearing the treated technology as a baseline to compare imaging before and after wearing the devices.

Participants wore the treated devices anywhere from 20 minutes to overnight, and again— this time through their own analysis— Erickson noted statistically significant differences in thermal imaging and temperature with the various materials.

“We’re ultimately composed of atoms,” Erickson said. “The electromagnetic environment can have a physiological effect on the body.”

None of the participants in either study reported any adverse side effects from the devices, nor did they feel the electromagnetic currents being generated through the material.

The research involving Active Edge’s embedded technology has not been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal.

The future of Active Edge

The DoD is currently testing Active Edge technology and the preliminary results are “outstanding,” Walchle said, but, due to a confidentiality agreement, he could not reveal more information.

“We’ve figured out how to shoot radio frequencies at a product that will attach to the cell wall and stay within the product— and that’s a big deal,” Walchle said.

Walchle added that while the FDA has approved the use of PEMF devices that can be used only about 200 times, some Active Edge products have six-year-old technology that still work.

As the DoD continues to test the technology, Active Edge is aiming to have at least a half of a million products on the market within the next year, Walchle said.  For now, the company is preparing to release its next product, the Active Edge Sleep Shirt, online Wednesday. The shirts will be sold for $49.

Walchle, who said he’s struggled with restlessness since he can remember, falls asleep quicker and stays asleep more soundly with Active Edge technology.

“I’ll sleep seven to eight hours now, and it is the craziest thing to me,” said Walchle, who added that the company’s independently run clinical trials suggest 80 percent of the people who wear the devices notice improved sleep.

Paul Tesori, of Ponte Vedra, Fla., has spent his entire life playing golf and the past 15 years caddying. Tesori told that his Active Edge bracelet has reduced joint pain and helped increase the fluidity of his golf swing.

“I made a ‘1’ the other day and said if I break seven today, I’ll become a part owner,” Tesori, 43, joked.

Philip Gordon, 54, of Gainesville, Fla., works at a local country club and enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. He’s been wearing the Active Edge bracelet for about a year.

“When I don’t have it on, it seems like I get tired quicker,” he said. “When I put it on, it seems like I can play longer … and from my energy level, it seems like I get a second wind.”

As for Baker, the former tractor trailer driver, the technology has reduced his tremors so much that he seldom uses his walker anymore. He has also been able to change the oil in his pickup truck and even rebuild the deck in his backyard.

“I’m doing more,” Baker told “I’m more energetic now, and I know that I won’t stumble and fall. I’ve got more confidence now.”

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Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet Review in Active Gear Review

Active Gear Review recently posted a great review of our Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet!

If you’re looking to add an extra boost to your workout, then the Survival Strap Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet might do the trick.

I tested the bracelet for several weeks, including during endurance and strength training, and I experienced some measurable gains. Whether the benefit was due to the bracelet’s proprietary InBalance Technology or not, I can’t say. But I wouldn’t bet against this bracelet.

Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet Design

Attractive in an industrial-chic sort of way, the bracelet is handmade in the US with military spec 550 parachute cord. The cord is pliant and sturdy, so the bracelet maintains shape during use. The paracord is waterproof and quick drying. It will not mildew and can be hand washed with soap as needed.

In case of emergency, the cord can be unraveled for life-saving duties. Suggested life-saving uses include making a tourniquet or towing device from the cord. I did neither in my testing (thankfully). Should such measures be necessary, Active Edge Gear will replace the bracelet free of charge, so long as you document the activity with pictures and give them your story.

The hardware on my bracelet is forged of shiny stainless steel that contrasts well with the black cord. The clasp is adjustable and has 3 holes with a breakaway pin for safety. It fits both my wrist and my husband’s wrist.

Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet Function

In my non-emergency routine, I tested the Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet while running, strength training, walking, and sleeping.

Step one involved clasping the device around my wrist. I’ll admit to some difficulty with the shackle at first, but that can be chalked up to user error.

The bracelet features InBalance Technology, a proprietary low-wave frequency feature designed to improve performance by increasing flexibility, strength, balance, oxygen intake, endurance and even REM sleep. The InBalance Technology works anytime it is in close contact with the body.

As the product insert states, the Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet “will not give you super human strength.” It can, however, give you a slight edge, particularly when working out.

When I tested the bracelet during strength training, I was able to increase the amount of weight used in weight bearing exercises by as much as 10% to 15%. I also noticed up to a 20% improvement in the number of repetitions I was able to complete of exercises like pullups.

While running, I was able to shave off 5 to 10 seconds per mile.

It was difficult to measure any improvement in REM sleep.

Looking at those results, it’s hard to argue that the bracelet didn’t account for some of the improvements. Yet I maintain a healthy skepticism. I acknowledge the possibility of a placebo effect here. Having noted that, the source of the benefit may not be as important as the benefit itself.

Who Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet Is For

The Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet is for anyone looking for an unconventional way to boost exercise performance. The life-saving credentials of the device also suggest this bracelet is for hard-core adventurers who might need a tourniquet or extra towing line.


According to, the Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet is available in 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 6.5”, 7”, 7.5”, 8”, and 8.5” length. The 6” measurement is an average female length, while 7” is an average male length. The clasp is available as an adjustable nylon 6-6 shackle or as an adjustable stainless steel shackle.


The Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet is available in 11 different colors that include: black, baby blue, navy blue, neon green, neon orange, neon pink, green, red, sand, white, and multicam camo. My test bracelet was black, which meant it could be dressed up if needed.

Included In The Box

My Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet arrived with a literature packet and owner manual. They explain the functionality and benefits of the InBalance Technology.

Final Thoughts

The Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet (may have) provided me with an edge in physical performance. Whether my improvement was due entirely to InBalance Technology or in part to a placebo effect, I’m not sure. I suppose it doesn’t matter because, in either case, I experienced a boost to performance.

For more information and purchase please visit: MSRP: $59.99

Click here to see the full review on their website!

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Active Edge Review in Desert Rat Outdoors

Desert Rat Outdoors has posted a review of our Active Edge Bracelet!

Well, survival straps weren’t new to me but I was excited when Jason Ovitt from Asylum Public Relations reached out to me to tell me about the newest innovation with the folks from Survival Straps.

Jason posed it to me like this: “Training for a four day backpacking trip, epic mountain climb, week-long kayaking trip or other great adventure puts great stress on a body and stretches anyone to their physical limits. Rather than wearing a fitness bracelet that just tracks the number of calories you burn and how you are sleeping you could be wearing an Active Edge Survival Strap bracelet that can actually improve aspects of your health. This new survival bracelet, treated with a waterproof frequency technology, is now capable of giving athletes and people training for any sport a 7% average increase in range of motion, 12% average increase in grip strength, 8% average reduction in fatigue with an increase in REM restorative sleep time. Clinical trials have proven that wearing an Active Edge Survival Bracelet activates the sympathetic nervous system resulting in an increase of blood flow and decrease in inflammation, which helps to enhance performance. Wearing an Active Edge Survival Bracelet can help improve flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance and recovery. But when your in a jam out in the woods it can also be unwound to provide the wearer with a paracord rope for gear repairs or medical uses that is strong enough to hold up to 500 pounds.

Would you be interested in learning more about the Active Edge bracelets by Survival Straps and giving one a try?”

I was trying to get ready for an elk hunt, so “Heck, yeah!” I wanted to try one…

Active Edge technology is incorporated into an already great survival bracelet. Why?

“Our Active Edge products are treated with InBalance Technology, a scientifically proven, cutting-edge, proprietary frequency technology developed here in America. When you wear an Active Edge bracelet or necklace, it will help your body to perform at a more optimal level. It will not give you super human strength. However, it can give you an extra edge and improve things like your flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance, & recovery.

Medical experts believe when the treated bracelet or necklace comes into close proximity with the body, it activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases blood flow and oxygen intake, while at the same time decreases inflammation, which all helps to enhance performance.”

So? I bet you’re wondering…. “Did it work?” I’d like to say resoundingly, “Yes!” but I think the best I can do is “I think so”. Here is experience: I was in the process of getting ready for an elk hunt. A few months ago, I had changed my eating habits, lost some weight, and had started hitting the gym regularly. I was hoping that the Active Edge bracelet would make a difference in the gym. Unfortunately when the bracelet arrived, I was a couple of weeks into some sciatic nerve issues which were sidelining me from the gym. I was undergoing chiropractic care and getting frustrated. I put on the bracelet, and in 3 days I had a significant reduction in pain, it was almost at a negligible level. Two weeks before my elk hunt, I bent over to pick up a book off of the bathtub and “POW”. It felt like I had been shot in the back, right at the site where I had been having sciatic issues. The pain was substantial and I hobbled to the couch. I thought my elk hunt was gone. By Monday I could still barely move so I called my family doc. They squeezed me in and I was prescribed pain medication, muscle relaxer, x-rays and physical therapy. Within 4 days, and with minimal pain medication I was able to get around pretty good. I was cautiously optimistic – my elk hunt was the following weekend.

The Friday after Thanksgiving I was sore but mobile. My truck was loaded and I was on the road by 5:30 AM. Two hours later I was on a hilltop in elk country, glassing for bulls with my friends. I only had Friday, Saturday and Sunday to hunt (you can read the story HERE) So 3 days of hiking up and down hills and rocky outcroppings and small canyons; 3 days of bouncing around in the Ranger, on some pretty hard-core trails.I honestly thought I was going to finish wrecking my back, and I would be looking at weeks to fully recover. Long story short, I shot a young spike at the 11th hour on Sunday. We packed him out, I picked up my gear at my friends and hit the road. I was home by 10:30 Sunday night. By Monday I was virtually pain free. I have been pain free for the most part, during the past 2 weeks. Was it because of the bracelet? I don’t know. I had a follow up appointment with my Doctor the other day and she couldn’t believe it – I was “cured”.

Honestly, based on the extensive clinical trials and my experience – quick resolution to an existing ailment, sudden extreme regression, and 2 weeks to pain free again…. I have to say, “I’m a believer”, and this technology works.

Here is what the clinical trials revealed:

Results of Clinical Trials

On my hunt, my “wind” definitely seemed better (I still have a ways to go, on my fitness quest). I do believe my arthritis symptoms have been pretty much absent, which is unusual. I have had some sleep issues however.

I believe in this technology.I certainly believe in the value and quality of Survival Straps, with or without the Active Edge technology. Seriously, I would encourage you to give it a try. I think it’s important to note that they offer wraps, necklaces, dog collars and more. You can visit them online HERE. Read the info, the testimonials, and decide for yourself. For me, I’m sold!

Click here for the full review.

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Active Edge Review in Midwest Multisport Life

Midwest Multisport Life has posted a review of our Active Edge bracelet!

I am an extremely skeptical person - if it sounds like magic, looks like magic, promises results like magic, it's probably a fraud. There is a definite need to test out any claims before giving up even an ounce of that skepticism. When I was approached about reviewing a strap embed with InBalance Technology, magical powers that promised increased oxygen uptake, flexibility, balance, and strength. It can even help you sleep better! Remember magnet bracelets? Yeah, me too.

I was surprised when I received it to see my old friend, the Survival Strap. I'm a big fan of the company - their straps are top quality, rugged, and they help support the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Now I was twice as skeptical, because while the straps are certainly very cool, they are not magic. After reading the accompanying material, I discovered that the strap had been treated with the InBalance Technology - at this time, they are being sold under the Survival Strap moniker, but will be rebranded as ActiveEdge any day now.

Even though I was skeptical, I decided to try it - while some Survival Straps are pretty clunky, this version was slimmed down and wearable every day. I will say that, within a day or two, I started sleeping through the night without trouble, something that hasn't happened in a LONG time. And it has continued since I've worn this - no other changes were made that I can point to except that this strap is, indeed, magic. I haven't really noticed too many of the other benefits yet, but if this is the only one I get, I'll take it!

So I'm a believer, as least partially. I'll keep wearing this and, if I suddenly leap tall buildings in a single bound, I'll let you know.

Click here to read the full review!
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  • Active Edge™ Received a Great Review on Gear Diary!

    Active Edge™ received a spectacular review on Gear Diary!  Read an excerpt from the article below or read the full story on Gear Diary.   Active Edge technology is also available as an add-on for Survival Straps® products, giving customers hundreds more... read more

  • Active Edge Technology Featured On!

    Active Edge™ is fired up to be receiving national media attention!  Read the article in it's entirety below. Fox News National article, by Melinda Carstensen, Fox News Health Editor  Wearable technology may improve sleep, endurance and chronic pain Sixty-three-year-old David... read more

  • Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet Review in Active Gear Review

    Active Gear Review recently posted a great review of our Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet! If you’re looking to add an extra boost to your workout, then the Survival Strap Active Edge Fishtail Bracelet might do the trick. I tested the... read more