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Midwest Multisport Life has posted a review of our Active Edge bracelet!

I am an extremely skeptical person - if it sounds like magic, looks like magic, promises results like magic, it's probably a fraud. There is a definite need to test out any claims before giving up even an ounce of that skepticism. When I was approached about reviewing a strap embed with InBalance Technology, magical powers that promised increased oxygen uptake, flexibility, balance, and strength. It can even help you sleep better! Remember magnet bracelets? Yeah, me too.

I was surprised when I received it to see my old friend, the Survival Strap. I'm a big fan of the company - their straps are top quality, rugged, and they help support the Wounded Warrior Foundation. Now I was twice as skeptical, because while the straps are certainly very cool, they are not magic. After reading the accompanying material, I discovered that the strap had been treated with the InBalance Technology - at this time, they are being sold under the Survival Strap moniker, but will be rebranded as ActiveEdge any day now.

Even though I was skeptical, I decided to try it - while some Survival Straps are pretty clunky, this version was slimmed down and wearable every day. I will say that, within a day or two, I started sleeping through the night without trouble, something that hasn't happened in a LONG time. And it has continued since I've worn this - no other changes were made that I can point to except that this strap is, indeed, magic. I haven't really noticed too many of the other benefits yet, but if this is the only one I get, I'll take it!

So I'm a believer, as least partially. I'll keep wearing this and, if I suddenly leap tall buildings in a single bound, I'll let you know.

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