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How Low Frequency Technology Benefits You

Whether you’re an athlete trying to break a state record or you’re simply trying to achieve a higher level of day-to-day health, everyone is looking for an edge. As you may have already discovered, diet and exercise can only take you so far. Thankfully, modern technology has advanced to a state where it can allow the average individual to conquer genetic limitations. One such example of this is low frequency technology.
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Get Rid of Pain with the Active Edge Necklace

When the Active Edge pain relief necklace touches your body, it immediately triggers a positive response from your sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of your nervous system that is responsible for blood pressure and heart rate. By influencing this system, the Active Edge necklace can help to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase oxygen intake. By supporting these three systems, you will be able to rid yourself of muscle and joint pain.
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Improve Your Sleep with the Active Edge Oxygen Bracelet

You breathe it every moment of every day and you never give it a second thought. Oxygen is a precious commodity that is taken for granted. People become more aware of their reliance on oxygen when their bodies aren’t getting enough of it as medical ailments begin to arise. When your oxygen intake is limited, your body suffers greatly including disorientation, fainting, and weakness. From your cells to your organs, every part of your body needs oxygen to survive. It’s especially important during another function that you never think about: sleep. Let’s take a look at the role of oxygen while you are sleeping and how the Active Edge oxygen bracelet can help you sleep soundly.
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Ease Your Arthritis with an Energy Bracelet

According to the Center for Disease Control, in the United States alone, there is an estimated 52.5 million adults that suffer from some type of arthritis. For those that have to deal with this condition, you know how ordinary tasks become a nearly impossible struggle. Waking up and getting out of bed, cooking for the family, and even a simple walk around the neighborhood can cause frustrating levels of pain. Chances are, you’ve been to your doctor and you left with a prescription but no real chance for a break outside of medication.

It’s time for you to ditch the prescription bottle and invest in an Active Edge power bracelet. This simple bracelet has been shown to help those with chronic pain from arthritis. Let’s take a look at what arthritis is, the causes of arthritis, and how the Active Edge energy bracelet can help you find relief.

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Top 3 Benefits of the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Advances in health and fitness technology are producing amazing results, allowing average exercise enthusiasts to become superstars and arthritis-stricken patients to walk without pain. One trend that is sweeping the industry is the use of energy bracelets. Considered performance bracelets for athletes and pain relief bracelets for seniors, this product is the future of fitness.

The problem is that not all energy bracelets are created the same. While many companies claim their energy bracelet is capable of numerous health benefits, most shy away from proving it. Active Edge embeds low frequencies within stylish bracelets and necklaces. Active Edge was so confident in their energy bracelet that they conducted an extensive clinical trial involving over 2,500 subjects and the results were astounding! Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when using the Active Edge Energy Bracelet or Energy Necklace.

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Active Edge Can Help Athletes, Elderly, Bodybuilders, & Many More

Everyone is looking for that extra boost in life. Whether you’re training to become the next Mr. Olympia or struggling to regain the ability to walk without pain, if there is a simple, natural, and proven way to improve your chances, you’ll take it. Low frequency technology has exploded on to the health and fitness scene, bringing with it a variety of studies and testimonials to its benefits. The activation of the sympathetic nervous system from wearing an Active Edge energy bracelet has been proven in a landslide study to provide a number of amazing benefits. Let’s take a look at each benefit and how different populations can maximize their performance, recovery, and overall quality of life.
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Boost Your Dancing Performance with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Dancing rarely gets the athletic attention that it deserves. Most people believe that a real workout comes in the form of lifting barbells and dumbbells while sitting on a flat bench. Any dancer can tell you that the physical exhaustion that comes from the art of dancing is one of the most difficult workouts one can perform. Dancers must push their bodies to the limit, executing precise timing during movements that require an unbelievable amount of endurance, flexibility, and mobility. Put simply: Dancing is one tough workout.

If you’re in the dancing community, what wouldn’t you do to recover faster while gaining more mobility in your practice? Forget about expensive supplements and overpriced fitness trends. If you want to improve your overall performance, it’s as easy as wearing a bracelet. The Active Edge energy bracelet has been shown in clinical trials to boost blood flow for recovery as well as flexibility levels. Let’s take a look at how this amazing bracelet can help you become a better dancer.

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Let the Active Edge Energy Bracelet Help You Get Fit

The world of fitness seems to be dominated by images of people who look like they’ve been exercising since they day they were born. What about if you’re just starting on your fitness journey? Do you really need a dozen supplement bottles and the latest trendy diet plan? Should you fill your house with equipment you don’t know how to use? Put simply: No. There are plenty of basic exercises that can allow you to reach your fitness goals without breaking your bank account. One simple thing that you can do to increase your results is to the Active Edge energy bracelet.

The Active Edge energy bracelet is embedded with low frequency technology and it provides a number of health-related benefits that can boost your fitness gains. Let’s take a look at how the Active Edge energy bracelet can make all the difference when you are beginning to pursue your muscle building and weight loss goals.

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Best Ways to Get Rid of Lower Back Pain

We’ve all experienced the frustration of having a sore lower back. What’s more, many people live with varying degrees of lower back complications from dull aches to severe pain. When your lower back is out of the equation, the rest of your body follows. All movement originates from the core and what makes up the majority of the core?

Your lower back

If you want to rid yourself of the daily annoyance and agony of lower back pain then try out these proven and reliable techniques. 

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Improve Your CrossFit Workout with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

For the last few years, CrossFit has dominated the fitness industry as the trendiest form of working out. A typical CrossFit workout involves performing a series of compound exercises in rapid succession. Breaks are a rarity and intensity is through the roof. With the completion of the 2015 CrossFit Games, athletes and CrossFit hopefuls are looking for the best way to boost performance and secure a top spot in next year’s events. The Active Edge energy bracelet may be just what you need to improve your performance and results. Let’s take a look at how this simple energy bracelet can make all the difference.

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