Top 3 Benefits of the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Advances in health and fitness technology are producing amazing results, allowing average exercise enthusiasts to become superstars and arthritis-stricken patients to walk without pain. One trend that is sweeping the industry is the use of energy bracelets. Considered performance bracelets for athletes and pain relief bracelets for seniors, this product is the future of fitness.

The problem is that not all energy bracelets are created the same. While many companies claim their energy bracelet is capable of numerous health benefits, most shy away from proving it. Active Edge embeds low frequencies within stylish bracelets and necklaces. Active Edge was so confident in their energy bracelet that they conducted an extensive clinical trial involving over 2,500 subjects and the results were astounding! Let’s take a look at just a few of the benefits you’ll experience when using the Active Edge Energy Bracelet or Energy Necklace.


Upon coming into contact with your body, the Active Edge energy bracelet triggers an immediate response from the sympathetic nervous system. This is one of the two main parts of your total nervous system and it plays a very important role in homeostasis, or achieving balance within the body. It is able to accelerate your heart rate and blood pressure while constricting the blood vessels. In other words, it gets you moving when you need to. The Active Edge energy bracelet positively influences this part of the nervous system, allowing for increased blood flow throughout the body. This study demonstrates the increased blood flow in a subject via thermal images after using the energy bracelet.


Increased blood flow contributes to increased oxygen intake within the body. Oxygen is so vital that even if you achieved a perfect intake of water, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals for the day, if your oxygen levels are down, your health will follow. An oxygen deficiency equates to not having enough energy for every human process including cell repair. The greater amount of oxygen flowing through your body, the better you will feel and function. With the increased blood flow from the Active Edge energy bracelet, your body will be able to efficiently distribute and utilize oxygen. Check out our study to see the results. In fact, the Department of Defense is currently performing their own tests and in a preliminary study, they found oxygen levels increased by 23% when using the Active Edge energy bracelet!


With the increase in blood flow via the Active Edge energy bracelet, your muscles will be able to perform and recover with an elite quickness. As mentioned above, blood flow is responsible for transporting vital oxygen throughout the body. During exercise, your body requires large amounts of oxygen in order to achieve peak performance. After your workout, your muscles will be begging for the proper nutrients to repair, grow, and strengthen. The Active Edge energy bracelet may show a rapid delivery of muscle building macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This study shows that the average strength increase in subjects wearing the energy bracelet was between 3% and 6%!