Improve Your Sleep with the Active Edge Oxygen Bracelet

You breathe it every moment of every day and you never give it a second thought. Oxygen is a precious commodity that is taken for granted. People become more aware of their reliance on oxygen when their bodies aren’t getting enough of it as medical ailments begin to arise. When your oxygen intake is limited, your body suffers greatly including disorientation, fainting, and weakness. From your cells to your organs, every part of your body needs oxygen to survive. It’s especially important during another function that you never think about: sleep. Let’s take a look at the role of oxygen while you are sleeping and how the Active Edge oxygen bracelet can help you sleep soundly.


When your body is not able to reach its optimal oxygen intake, the sleep center of the brain is directly impacted. A lack of oxygen during sleep results in waking up more often for seemingly no reason, sleeping lighter, and less overall time in Rapid Eye Movement, or R.E.M., sleep. R.E.M. is crucial as this is the deep sleep state where the body is able to actively engage in repair and recovery. These side effects of low oxygen are very common with people who change to a higher altitude. For example, traveling from Key West, Florida to Boulder, Colorado.

Studies, such as this one published in Neurology, show that a lack of oxygen negatively affects sleep, leading to diseases such as dementia. One expensive solution has been supplemental oxygen during sleep. Imagine trying to sleep with a mask on your face! A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine demonstrated that this is a positive temporary solution, especially for those with sleep apnea. Supplemental oxygen is going to quickly add up, becoming a frustrating and costly expense. This is where the Active Edge oxygen bracelet comes in.


The Active Edge oxygen bracelet is embedded with health-benefitting low frequencies. These low frequencies stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. This crucial system is in charge of regulating blood flow, inflammation and, most importantly, oxygen intake. Clinical trials show that when you wear the Active Edge bracelet, you will experience an increase in blood flow throughout the body. This boost in blood flow helps to improve oxygen dispersal throughout.


Ideal oxygen intake results in a variety of improvements including higher cognitive functioning and improved mood. The Active Edge oxygen bracelet ensures that your body will be able to effectively receive and utilize oxygen, especially when it is time to sleep. Studies show that the Active Edge bracelet is a powerful tool for increasing your oxygen intake.


With its proven efficiency and low cost, the Active Edge oxygen bracelet is exactly what you need to start sleeping better. Forget about expensive medical oxygen costs. Heal your body from the inside so that it can function as it was meant to. Sleep better with Active Edge.