Get Rid of Pain with the Active Edge Necklace

When the Active Edge pain relief necklace touches your body, it immediately triggers a positive response from your sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of your nervous system that is responsible for blood pressure and heart rate. By influencing this system, the Active Edge necklace can help to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase oxygen intake. By supporting these three systems, you will be able to rid yourself of muscle and joint pain.


Muscle pain can vary in severity, location, and reason. Regardless if you are sore from a tough workout or you hurt yourself while helping a friend move, that consistent pain will negatively impact otherwise simple activities.

During a workout, you are effectively causing micro tears in your muscle. These small tears combined with lactic acid buildup are responsible for the soreness you feel afterward. Pulling, or throwing out, a muscle works in the same manner. You have caused a tear in the muscle and your body is frantically attempting to repair it via inflammation. In order to get rid of this pain, you need two things:

  • Removal of the lactic acid buildup
  • Nutrients to accelerate the repair process.


As you can see in this study, when you wear your Active Edge pain relief necklace, you are increasing the blood flow within your body, allowing it to disperse as it was meant to. Your blood acts as the transporter for nutrients and oxygen. This improved rate of blood flow will quickly detoxify the blood, removing the lactic acid buildup while ensuring the proper nutrients are delivered to your muscles. Once your muscles and joints have access to these nutrients, your body will be able to repair itself more efficiently.


One of the most crucial times for your body to begin repair and maintenance processes is during deep sleep. There’s a reason your doctor keeps telling you to get no less than 6 hours of sleep! Sleep is your body’s time to shut down and mend. If you are suffering from muscle soreness and pain, sleep becomes even more important. The Active Edge pain relief necklace supports your ability to go to sleep and stay asleep longer as it improves your oxygen intake. (Read more about it here.)


Like vital nutrients, oxygen is delivered through blood flow within the body. The Active Edge necklace has been proven to enhance blood flow as well as oxygen intake as you can see in this study. If your body is not achieving its ideal oxygen levels, it will not be able to rest as it should. Sleep deprivation can result in nasty side effects including a weakened immune system, compromised healing, and being more prone to accidents. When you increase the levels of oxygen in your body and get a better night’s rest, you’ll notice a variety of benefits including faster healing, better mood, and looking younger.


Take the first step to getting rid of your pain with the Active Edge pain relief necklace. Or opt for the Active Edge Bracelet. Studies show how effective Active Edge products have been in enhancing your body’s blood flow, oxygen intake, and inflammation level. Experience the Active Edge difference today.

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