How Low Frequency Technology Benefits You

Whether you’re an athlete trying to break a state record or you’re simply trying to achieve a higher level of day-to-day health, everyone is looking for an edge. As you may have already discovered, diet and exercise can only take you so far. Thankfully, modern technology has advanced to a state where it can allow the average individual to conquer genetic limitations. One such example of this is low frequency technology.

Quickly making its way across the health and fitness industry, low frequency technology has been proven to provide an array of benefits including improved blood flow, reduced pain, and enhanced sleeping patterns. Let’s take a look at how low frequency technology works, the tested and proven benefits, and the company that is spearheading the movement.


InBalance Technologies has developed a revolutionary, proprietary process that takes low frequency waves and embeds them within stylish and wearable products such as wrist straps and necklaces. These low frequency waves work by directly activating the sympathetic nervous system.

This is the part of your total nervous system that controls heart rate and blood pressure. You can think of it as being a direct energy source, getting you moving and helping you to perform. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated by the Active Edge energy bracelet, you’ll notice positive changes occurring.


To prove their technology worked, InBalance Technologies held a series of clinical trials in which 2,500 people were tested. The results were simply incredible.

Improved Blood Flow

  • One of the primary benefits is increased blood flow. As blood flow is responsible for delivering nutrients and oxygen to vital organs, joints, and areas of the body, this is the foundation for other benefits to follow. It also helps to remove harmful waste products, thereby helping other bodily systems thrive. This study demonstrates the increased blood flow via thermal images after using the Active Edge energy bracelet.

Increased Endurance & Balance

  • With the increased blood flow from the Active Edge energy bracelet, you will notice a dramatic improvement in available oxygen levels within the body. The more oxygen that is available for use, the better your endurance and overall performance. Check out our study to see the oxygen boost!

Increased Strength

  • As mentioned above, the improved blood flow from the Active Edge energy bracelet helps to provide a speedy delivery of muscle and strength building macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This study shows that the average strength increase in subjects wearing the energy bracelet was between 3% and 6%!

Reduced Inflammation & Pain

  • As you can see in this study, an increased oxygen supply via the Active Edge energy bracelet improved sleep. It also reduced pain and inflammation. Without proper oxygen levels, your body cannot achieve proper rest. Better sleep means increased immunity, increased happiness, and reduced pain.


These results have encouraged medical experts to begin using the technology. You’ll find many doctors using low frequency technology to help stimulate bone growth and wound healing.

InBalance Technologies is also currently working with the United States Department of Defense in order to demonstrate how this technology could benefit the men and women protecting our country. Although results are still pending, preliminary results show a 23% increase in oxygen intake while wearing InBalance treated products!