Active Edge vs. Other Energy Bracelets

Research is finally revealing the benefits of the low frequency technology that is used to create energy bracelets. Considered power bracelets for fitness enthusiasts and pain relief bracelets for those suffering from arthritis, these technological breakthroughs are changing lives. The benefits are real, enjoyed by thousands, and are being proven by a variety of studies.

Make no mistake about it, not all energy bracelets are created the same. What makes Active Edge unique is its dedication to the consumers to prove all we offer. Let’s take a look at how the Active Edge energy bracelet holds up against other leading industry bracelets.


Active Edge is a sister company of Survival Straps, a paracord product industry leader established in 2006 that has helped countless people in emergencies. Active Edge has taken measures to ensure that all claims are backed up by hard scientific facts. The company offers a variety of low frequency products.

Benefits: Proven via scientific research and clinical trials to do the following:

  • Increase blood flow
  • Enhances oxygen intake and delivery
  • Improve range of motion and flexibility
  • Boost overall strength
  • Amplifies performance

Check out the research here (here are more of the benefits the Active Edge energy bracelet can offer).

Testimonials: The Active Edge energy bracelet is backed by faithful consumers, offering dozens of positive reviews and testimonials.

Who is it made for: The Active Edge energy bracelet can benefit everyone! Whether you want to use it for athletic performance enhancement, to relieve pain, or simply to improve how you feel, the Active Edge energy bracelet is for you. Don’t forget about your furry friend. Active Edge makes energy bracelets for dogs as well.

Cost of product: Best of all, the Active Edge energy bracelet is cost efficient and built to last. You can buy the bracelet here for $59.99.


QBP Scalar was established in 1994 and focused on creating “Chi healing” products. Today, now joined with Quantum BioPhysics, Inc, the company offers energy bracelets with a focus on negative ions.

Benefits: The QBP Scalar energy bracelet is said to help restore strength while enhancing your sense of well-being. While the website claims that the bracelet is able to improve strength and performance, there are no scientific studies for reference. The QBP Scalar energy bracelet has not been subjected to clinical trials or study.

Testimonials: The website offers a little more than a dozen outdated testimonials. Searching the internet, you’ll find countless negative reviews such as the ones on Amazon.

Who is it made for: Adult men and women. Not recommended for pregnant women due to interference of the negative ions.

Cost of product: $29.99



Formerly known as LifeStrength, this small company based in Utah was founded in 2010. Endevr offers a number of performance enhancing products on a well laid out website. The Pure Strength energy bracelet from Endevr uses natural minerals to provide the user with wellness benefits.

Benefits: As you’ll see here, there are no direct references to benefits of the product. The company claims it wants to help release the inner strength of every individual and it plans to do so via the Pure Strength energy bracelet. What’s more, a lack of benefits is accompanied by a lack of scientific references.

Testimonials: Website does not have a testimonials page. The product is not offered on a mass review site such as Amazon.

Who is it made for?: Adult men and women.

Cost of product: Up to $120!


It’s easy to make claims but consumers deserve the proven facts to back it up. Active Edge is the only energy bracelet company that offers actual studies and clinical trials. The bracelet you are buying is the same one used in those trials! The benefits are real and the testimonials are genuine. Discover the benefits of low frequency technology with Active Edge.