Get Flexible and Mobile with Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Have you noticed a decrease in your range of flexibility and mobility over the years? Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies tend to become stiffer and less flexible. In order to maintain the youthful capability of flexibility and mobility, you will have to dedicate time each and every day to stretching and massage. With the chaotic lives we lead, most of us just don’t have time for that. Thankfully, there is an easier way to regain lost mobility with the Active Edge energy bracelet.

The Active Edge energy bracelet is embedded with extremely low frequencies. This fashionable bracelet allows the wearer to reap all of the benefits of low frequency technology including improved mobility and flexibility. Let’s take a look at how the Active Edge energy bracelet can help you live a better and more mobile life.


Your body’s blood flow is extremely important as it is the method in which essential nutrients and oxygen are delivered throughout. Often times, lack of flexibility and mobility in joints and muscles is a result of or exacerbated by poor blood flow.

Wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet has been demonstrated in clinical trials to improve blood flow. Once the energy bracelet comes into contact with your skin, it immediately engages the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for getting blood and blood vessels moving. Active Edge gathered over 2,500 subjects for clinical trials and the results were amazing. As you’ll see in this study, subjects experienced a marked improvement in overall blood flow throughout the body.


Such an improvement in overall blood flow will help valuable nutrients reach their destination within your joints and muscles. With a higher level of nutrients being delivered, your joints and muscles can heal more efficiently. What’s more, oxygen will be supplied at a higher rate and greater quantity to these same oxygen-starved locations. Oxygen is extremely important for muscle and joint health and development.

During the Active Edge clinical trials, over 90% of subjects reported an increase in range of motion with an average of 15% to 20%! That is not all that was discovered. This study shows that subjects noticed a variety of benefits including the following:

  • Enhanced strength (Average between 3% and 6%)
  • Amplified endurance
  • Increased balance
  • Decrease in inflammation

The best benefit of all is that subjects enjoyed a higher quality of life again with the help of the Active Edge energy bracelet.


You don’t have to be a victim of age-related decline. If you want your mobility and flexibility to improve, then try out the Active Edge energy bracelet. No other energy bracelet has been shown to enhance the quality of everyday life quite like Active Edge.