Get Bigger Muscles with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Muscle building is one of the most popular fitness goals for men and women. Whether you simply want to balance your body composition, tone up for beach season or you are looking to compete in the world of bodybuilding, the Active Edge energy bracelet can help get you there.


Muscular hypertrophy is the name of the game when you want to increase the size of your muscles. Hypertrophy occurs when an adequate amount of stress via resistance training is placed on to that specific muscle group. Bodyweight and weight-based training creates micro tears in the muscle. These tears trigger the body’s natural response to heal the muscle fiber. More importantly, the body will know to increase the size and strength of the muscle fiber in order to adjust to the stress being placed upon it. As you consistently place stress on the muscle, the body will keep working to heal and adjust. Over time, you will see improvements in size and strength.

The Active Edge energy bracelet will help you achieve muscular hypertrophy in two key ways:

  • Improving strength
  • Enhancing the post-workout recovery process


Wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet will immediately trigger a response from your sympathetic nervous system. Clinical studies show a number of terrific benefits including improved mobility and enhanced endurance. One of the most interesting and amazing benefits that was noted by the researchers is increased levels of strength. Why is increased strength important when you want more muscle?

Remember that hypertrophy occurs from micro tears in the muscle. These tears correspond to the amount of weight you are lifting during a workout. Imagine being able to lift more weight than usual simply by wearing a bracelet. What may seem like a small number translates into a greater challenge for your muscles. If you are lifting more weight than your body is usually accustomed to, it forces your muscles to work harder. In response, your body will engage in healing to support muscle growth.


The other piece of the puzzle for bigger muscles is nutrition. Training breaks down the muscle while nutrition builds it back up bigger and stronger. Your body’s response to heal and grow is only as great as the amount of nutrition that is available. Once broken down, nutrients travel through your blood stream. If your blood flow is compromised, certain areas such as joints and muscle fibers may not be getting the nutrition they need to recover and grow. As you can see in this clinical study, wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet amplified blood flow!

With better levels of blood flow throughout your body, you are directly supporting the post-workout recovery process. This means your muscles will get the building blocks they need in order to grow. You will also notice improved performance during your workout as your body will be more efficient at utilizing oxygen and nutrition.


Wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet will help to increase strength and improve the post-workout recovery process. With these two key benefits, you’ll be able to achieve the amount of hypertrophy needed to enhance muscle size. Are you ready to grow? Check out Active Edge gear today!

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