Improve Your Yoga with Our Energy Bracelet

Yoga has been performed for thousands of years but only now is research revealing the science behind the benefits of consistent yoga practice. Shown to increase flexibility and strength while decreasing pain, yoga is an excellent way to improve your overall quality of life. Some days, even the most devoted yogis may find themselves not able to reach the level of flexibility or balance they need. Whether you are just starting out with yoga or you have been practicing for years, the Active Edge energy bracelet can help to improve your yoga practice. Let’s take a look at how wearing the energy bracelet will help you become more flexible and balanced when you need it most.


As a vehicle for nutrients and oxygen to be delivered throughout the body, a healthy level of blood flow is absolutely vital for overall health. As you can see in this study, the Active Edge energy bracelet was shown in clinical trials to significantly improve blood flow by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system through extremely low frequencies. When your muscles and joints are able to get the proper amount of nutrients needed for recovery and proper function, you will see a variety of benefits including the following.


Quite often, those who suffer from a low level of flexibility also suffer from poor blood flow. Since the Active Edge energy bracelet helps to stimulate and improve the body’s natural blood flow, you will experience an increase in your flexibility. In fact, during a clinical trial, testing the energy bracelet, over 90% of the subjects reported an increase in range of motion. This was not just a small increase. The average improvement was 15% to 20%!


You know oxygen is needed for life but do you know to what extent oxygen benefits your body? You can look at oxygen as another essential nutrient that is utilized for everyday functions within your body. Like other nutrients, oxygen is transported via your blood flow. Enhanced blood flow means a higher rate of oxygen throughout. This boost in available oxygen levels has been shown to improve your balance. As you can see in this revolutionary study, subjects showed higher oxygen levels and reported an improvement in overall balance.


For those living the natural lifestyle, the Active Edge energy bracelet fits right in. It is made from the all-natural yet extremely tough military paracord. It has been safely treated with proprietary InBalance Technology, which does more than increase your flexibility. It has also been shown to improve strength, athletic performance, sleep quality, and much more!


If you are looking to increase your performance during a yoga class, there is no easier way to do so than with the Active Edge energy bracelet. Shown in clinical trials to increase flexibility by up to 20%, you will be able to enhance your yoga practice simply by wearing a bracelet. Take a look at the Active Edge energy bracelet selection today!