Older Adults can Improve Quality of Life with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

As we age, our bodies become less agile for the movements that seemingly required no effort during our youth. Even if you exercise and stay dedicated to a proper diet, there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable effects of aging. Cellular, muscular, and skeletal degradation is going to happen.

The role of oxygen in an older adult’s life cannot be overstated. During our golden years, oxygen is not collected and assimilated as resourcefully as it once was. This lack of usable oxygen in the bloodstream can contribute to fatigue, delayed recovery, and decreased immunity. Whether you are 45 or 75, the Active Edge energy bracelet can help you drastically improve your quality of life.


The Active Edge oxygen bracelet is embedded with health-benefitting low frequencies. These low frequencies have a unique effect on your sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Upon touching your skin, the energy bracelet triggers an immediate reaction from your SNS, which increases the rate of blood flow. As you’ll see in these thermal images taken during a series of clinical trials, patients saw a dramatic improvement in blood flow after wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet.


Increased blood flow plays a very important role in improving the availability of nutrients for your body. Nutrients are transported through the body by the blood circulatory system. If an individual is experiencing a low rate of blood flow, then critical repair nutrients may not be reaching sites such as muscle fibers or joints. You’ll experience an improved blood flow with the Active Edge energy bracelet, which will also improve your body’s functions for ingestion, digestion and assimilation.


One of the primary benefits of wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet is the reduction in pain. Increased nutrition is one of the best ways to naturally reduce your pain. How so? When your body is able to effectively move nutrients through the body with an enhanced blood flow, it is able to repair cellular, muscular, and skeletal sites with greater efficiency. Daily aches and pains may be a sign of poor blood flow, and your body may not be receiving the nutrients that it needs. These clinical trials show how effective the Active Edge energy bracelet was at eliminating pain for those wearing it.


Another benefit that was reported by the majority of subjects is the improved quality and length of a deep sleep. High oxygen levels play an important role in improving cognitive functions, including a deeper sleep. When oxygen levels dip too low during sleep, it acts as an alarm clock for your brain, signaling something may be wrong. Low oxygen levels may be one of the main reasons that many older adults find themselves waking up throughout the night. With the increased oxygen levels you’ll experience with the Active Edge energy bracelet, you can rest easy and get a full night’s sleep.

Just because you don’t have a choice in getting older doesn’t mean you have to feel older. Make the investment in yourself and your health with the Active Edge energy bracelet. If you want to experience better blood flow, better sleep, and less pain, then start your journey to better living by checking out the new Active Edge collection here.