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Is there anything more comforting after a rough day than coming home to the wagging tail and the excitable barks from your furry friend? Dogs are the definition of unconditional love. They are as eager to comfort you as to protect you. Unfortunately, with a short life span, man’s best friend may quickly succumb to some of the same age-related symptoms that humans do such as fatigue and arthritis. Soon, the same dog that wanted to play fetch may be spending more time lying around and sunbathing. Give your pet the boost that it deserves.

The Active Edge energy bracelet has been shown to dramatically increase the quality of life for dogs. Let’s take a look at how it can help.


Just like humans, dogs require adequate nutrition with an emphasis on oxygen and water in order to grow, develop, and stay healthy. This is why the role of proper blood flow is so important. All creatures need an efficient level of blood flow in order assimilate essential nutrients throughout the body. Much like humans, as dogs mature, their bodies gradually decline in performance; however, many of these symptoms can be alleviated through low frequency technology.


Your dog has a complicated nervous system just like you. Clinical studies have shown that when a dog wears the Active Edge energy bracelet, which is embedded with low frequencies, it experiences an immediate boost in the area that is responsible for blood flow. Check out this clinical study, which used thermal imaging, to see just how quickly and efficiently the Active Edge bracelet was able to increase the rate of blood flow.


The increased blood flow throughout your dog’s body will provide high levels of the nutrients it needs to get moving, feel energetic, and live a better life. Low nutrient assimilation is one of the main reasons why your dog may seem more tired than usual. If your pooch is getting all of the key vitamins and minerals it needs, you’ll soon notice a huge change in your dog’s energy levels.


One of the primary ways in which the energy bracelet will help your dog is by alleviating pain from age-related aches. Improved nutrient uptake will help key areas, such as the joints, to recover faster, building the necessary cartilage. So what does that mean for you? You and your dog will be able to go for walks, play fetch, and start conversations in the local park with the opposite sex again! As you can see in this study, the Active Edge energy bracelet can dramatically increase the mobility in your dog.


There’s no question about it: Your dog is crazy about you. If you want to care for your dog as much as it cares for you, then consider making the investment in the Active Edge energy bracelet. Your dog will be able to enjoy the freedoms and benefits it had as a puppy. Check out our elite collection to start improving your dog’s health and show them the care they deserve.

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