Absorb More Vitamins with an Energy Bracelet

Digestion issues are one of the most common problems for the average person. In order to function properly, your body needs a steady supply of good nutrition, preferably in the form of whole foods. Once ingested, your body works hard to break down these nutrients into their usable forms, which are then shipped off to areas that need it most. For instance, your body will break down protein and send the amino acids to your joints and muscles for repair and growth.

There are several nutrients that are notoriously hard to digest and assimilate. Let’s take a look at these nutrients and how the Active Edge energy bracelet can help you increase your nutrient uptake.


The way the Active Edge energy bracelet can help with nutrient absorption is primarily through increasing the rate of blood flow in the body.

How does this happen?

When you begin wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet, you will notice an immediate response in the sympathetic nervous system. This is the same system that controls your fight-or-flight response. When activated, the result is a dramatic increase in the rate and efficiency of your blood flow. Take a look at this clinical study, which featured over 2,500 subjects! In the study, thermal imaging was used to show the increased blood flow benefits for each individual. These pictures were taken just 20 minutes after putting on the energy bracelet.

Why Does Increased Blood Flow Matter?

Think of your blood flow as the method in which nutrients are transported and delivered throughout the body. If your blood flow is poor, it will negatively influence the amount of nutrients that you can absorb. Essential nutrients may not be able to reach important areas such as joints or specific muscle fibers. By boosting your blood flow, you are effectively aiding your body in the digestion and assimilation of even the toughest nutrients.

Let’s take a look at essential nutrients that are well known for being very hard break down and absorb.


  • Fat soluble vitamin
  • Antioxidant
  • Best sources: Seeds, nuts, and dark, leafy green vegetables (kale, spinach, etc)
  • Benefits: Supports skin and eye health. It also boosts the immune system.


  • Water soluble vitamin (stored in the body, which is unique for a water solute vitamin)
  • Best sources: Poultry, meat, and dairy products
  • Benefits: Needed to support nerves, create red blood cells, and synthesize DNA.


  • Mineral
  • Best sources: Milk, yogurt, kefir, and fortified cereals
  • Benefits: Supports the health of your bones and teeth.
  • Take it with Vitamin D to boost your absorption even more

If you believe that your body is not absorbing nutrients as it should, then the first step is to check with your doctor, as this may be a serious medical condition. Your next move is to invest in an Active Edge energy bracelet. It is completely safe to utilize with any medication from your doctor and will provide you with a number of amazing benefits, including improved absorption. Browse the Active Edge energy bracelet collection to start living well.

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