Active Edge Energy Bracelets and Hangover Remedies

We have all had those dreaded mornings. You spend the night out with friends, not paying attention to how much you’ve had to drink. What’s more, you can’t remember the last time you drank water but it’s okay because the music is loud and you’re having an awesome time. Then the sun comes up and with it, a hellacious headache.

The hangover is a notorious reason for getting out of bed in the late afternoon. If you have errands to run and things to get done then you need to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Give one these tried and true hangover cures a chance to help you.

Coffee and Painkillers

Not exactly the best combination for your liver after a night of drinking, but it is extremely effective. The adrenaline boost you’ll receive from the caffeine mixed with the anti-inflammatory properties of the aspirin or acetaminophen will be sure to knock that nasty hangover headache out of the game. What’s more, coffee may also jostle up your tummy, forcing you to get rid of alcohol-based waste faster. Just be sure to drink plenty of water as caffeine causes further dehydration.

Raw Ginger and Honey

Ginger is a proven tool to help settle the stomach while honey is jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Honey is also great for helping to settle the stomach. What’s more, ginger is extremely effective at aiding digestion. The faster your body can digest and discard the alcohol in your body, the faster you’ll feel better.

  • Grate fresh ginger into a mug
  • Add two tablespoons of honey
  • Pour in hot water
  • Stir and sip slowly

Instant Vitamin Drink Mixes

Chances are, you’ve passed by these bright yellow boxes in the grocery store and never gave them a second glance. Instant drink mixes such as Emergen-Cs or Carnation Instant Breakfast are flavored powders that are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. Drink one and you will return to your normal bubbly self in no time. Mix with it milk and sip it slowly. You should start feeling the difference within 30 to 45 minutes.

The Active Edge Energy Bracelet

It may sound crazy but the Active Edge bracelet is a seemingly simple bracelet that can do wonders for a hangover. The low frequencies that are embedded within the energy bracelet trigger an immediate response from your sympathetic nervous system. The result is a boost in blood flow, which ensures the immediate transport of nutrients as well as adrenaline. As mentioned above, adrenaline will help to ease the headache you’re experiencing. With an improved nutrient uptake, your body will be able to detox, discard waste, and recovery faster.

Hangovers can ruin an entire day if you left them. Be ahead of the game by making the investment in an Active Edge energy bracelet. Not only will it help fight your hangover but it can also improve your workouts, enhance your nutrient uptake, and help you feel better.

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