Reach Bodybuilding Goals with an Active Edge Energy Bracelet

For many fitness enthusiasts, the bodybuilding stage is a dream destination. The amount of hard work and dedication that one has to put into becoming a bodybuilder is staggering. From precise training programs to exact meal planning, bodybuilding is the scientific art of muscle building. What if there was a way to give yourself a boost without the use of dangerous supplements? The Active Edge energy bracelet will not only benefit your overall health but it is the perfect accessory to achieving your bodybuilding dreams. Let’s take a look at how this simple and fashionable bracelet can help you reach the stage.


Increased mobility, flexibility, and strength: all from one bracelet. You may be skeptical about the power of such a small accessory, but studies have shown time and time again just how efficient the energy bracelet can be. The greatest benefit is the boost in blood flow while wearing the Active Edge bracelet. How does a bracelet provide you with these benefits?

Since it is embedded with low frequency technology, the Active Edge energy bracelet triggers a positive reaction from your sympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the nervous system that controls the rate of blood flow in the body. How long does it take for your body to react? Immediately! This clinical trial shows the difference of blood flow in just 20 minutes.


This increase in total body blood flow is going to have big benefits that extend into your bodybuilding training. As you can see in the clinical trials report, subjects reported an increase in strength. The average bump in strength was 3% to 6%. That may not seem like much but consider how quickly 5% of your current volume will add up if you continue adding another 5% the following week. This increase in strength will translate into more repetitions and sets at a greater volume. The end result is huge gains in muscular hypertrophy.


Muscle size increases during rest, not training. In no other sport is recovery time more crucial than bodybuilding. After causing micro tears in your muscles, you will need to do two things: get plenty of rest and eat a great deal of muscle building nutrients. The Active Edge energy bracelet helps with both.

Since it boosts your blood flow, the energy bracelet can ensure that important muscle building nutrients reach the muscle fibers they need to in order to support recovery. Poor blood flow may result in missing that window of nutritional opportunity.

Blood flow also carries and delivers oxygen. Oxygen levels correlate to the quality and length of sleep that you receive each night. More oxygen in your blood means better sleep. It is during your R.E.M. sleep cycles that the highest levels of growth hormone are released. These growth hormones are critical if you want to build serious muscle mass.

Aside from having plenty of practical real world applications, the Active Edge energy bracelet is also a very useful tool for achieving success in the bodybuilding world. From increasing your strength to boosting your recovery time, this powerful tool will be there the whole way to the stage.

Check out the latest Active Edge energy bracelet selection today and get started on the road to building muscle.

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