Make Traveling Easier with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Traveling is the classic double-edged sword. You want to see new and exciting places, experience different cultures, and have amazing stories to tell once you return. The trouble is getting to those places and making it home safe and sound. Frequent travelers have a laundry list of troubles that they encounter during the trek from their home to the airport and to their destination. Let’s take a look at common complaints and how the Active Edge energy bracelet can help alleviate those for you.

No Cramping or Clotting

Your average international flight will take between 8 and 10 hours. That’s 8 to 10 hours where you are cramped in a small space with very little room to get up and get moving. The lack of movement for hours on end usually causes muscle cramps and puts you at a serious risk for blood clots. The Active Edge energy bracelet can help to alleviate those cramps while dramatically reducing your risk for blood clots.

How? The energy bracelet is embedded with low frequency technology, which triggers the sympathetic nervous system. This is the same system that is responsible for the rate of blood flow. The result? Enhanced blood flow throughout the body, which eliminates the need for expensive compression clothing. Check out these thermal images used in an extensive clinical study. You’ll see the dramatic difference in blood flow with all subjects.

The International Common Cold

It doesn’t matter how many vitamins you stock up on, if you have poor blood flow then those nutrients aren’t reaching the areas of the body that need them most. Worst of all, an airplane is a hot spot for cold-causing germs. With the increased blood flow from the Active Edge energy bracelet, you will experience an enhanced nutrient uptake, resulting in a boost in your immune response. This is great news for you because you’ll need all the help you can get warding off cold season from several different countries.

Avoid Feeling Jet Lagged 

Jet lag is, by far, the top complaint by all travelers. The jumping of time zones hits your internal clock like a hammer. What’s more, sleeping on an airplane during your flight can be very difficult with screaming children, flight attendant requests, and an obnoxious light overhead from your neighbor who wants to read for the whole trip. One of the best ways to combat jet lag is the Active Edge energy bracelet. It has been shown to increase oxygen levels in the blood. This boost in oxygen levels can help alleviate symptoms of jet lag. Best of all, you’ll experience a sounder sleep once you finally reach the bed.

Travel with Ease by Wearing the Active Edge Bracelet

Traveling is amazing but it can also be very taxing on the body. Don’t let the risks and annoyances of flying ruin your trip. The Active Edge energy bracelet is your ticket to feeling amazing during your whole trip. Shop Active Edge energy bracelet collection before you take your travel to your next destination.

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