Pair Your Apparel with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

The market is awash with lifestyle products, all claiming to be the answer to your health needs. While a select group of items can do what they say, most are a waste of time and money. Let’s take a look at the products that are worthwhile and breakdown how the Active Edge energy bracelet can help to boost your benefits with these items.


Compression socks have become a very popular trend among athletes and travelers alike. The idea behind compression socks is that it increases blood flow and circulation. This is ideal for athletes to perform at their best during training and games. They are also great for those with wanderlust as the socks keep healthy blood circulation levels, even at high altitude. Paired up with the Active Edge energy bracelet, the benefits of your compression socks will be elevated to a new level.

The Active Edge energy bracelet is designed with low frequency technology. Wearing the bracelet engages a positive reaction from your sympathetic nervous system, resulting in improved blood flow. A scientific study involving over 2,500 subjects showed that upon wearing the bracelet, subjects experienced a dramatic increase in blood flow.


A fitness accessory that has shaken up the industry is the self-myofascial release foam roller. You can choose from a multitude of roller surfaces including flat, grooved, and knobbed. The idea is to roll your body, section by section, on the foam roller in order to work out tension and knots. This handy roller is the equivalent of getting a deep tissue massage.

Massages are recommended for everyone, regardless of lifestyle. It is a way to improve your overall quality of life. One of largest benefits of massages is the removal of waste and toxins that have built up over time. If you’re wearing your Active Edge energy bracelet while using the foam roller, your body will be more efficient at removing this waste. What’s more, the improved blood flow that is triggered by the bracelet will support the muscle healing process.


Energy chews have become a staple for runners and high endurance athletes. Made up of simple sugars and electrolytes, these candy-like supplements can be eaten during a run, game, or training in order to restore energy and strength levels so you can finish strong.

Blood flow works as the primary transport mechanism for nutrients such as those simple sugars and electrolytes. The Active Edge energy bracelet increases blood flow, ensuring required nutrients can find their way to your muscles and energy systems at a faster and more reliable rate. The result is an overall enhanced performance.


The Active Edge energy bracelet proudly features a number of key benefits that are backed by scientific studies. Whether you use the bracelet on its own or in conjunction with other lifestyle accessories, you’ll be amazed at how it can change your life. Experience the difference you’ll feel with an Active Edge bracelet, shop our full selection today.