Higher Level of Mindfulness with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

Mindfulness is a practice that is commonplace in many other cultures and a foreign entity in the Western world. The art of breathing seems silly in countries such as the United States. We are always practicing breathing, right? Although you are breathing every moment of your life, rarely do you ever consider the breaths you take. Mindfulness focuses on paying attention to your breathing while shutting out all the little distractions around you. Scientific studies are finally shedding light on an ancient practice and the results are amazing. Let’s take a look at how the Active Edge energy bracelet can boost the benefits that you get from being mindful.


Meditation, or the practice of mindfulness, has been linked to reduced stress as well as a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and stroke. People who meditate often report the following benefits: 

These are just a few of the changes you may experience if you begin to practice active mindfulness. If you want to enhance these benefits, the Active Edge energy bracelet is your key.


Since mindfulness is a concentration and embracing of breathing, it follows then that you are consciously increasing or elevating the level of usable oxygen in your body. Many people are considered shallow breathers. In other words, they breathe from the chest. Breathing from your belly is the proper method for healthy oxygen levels.

Think about what happens when you become stressed or you are encountered with confrontation. Which part of your body do you see rising in a rapid manner? Your chest. Since oxygen is not able to reach your belly, people often do not receive the oxygen they need in order to make a critical decision during a stressful situation. The practice of focusing on your breathing will help alleviate this tension and stress.


An excellent way to boost your oxygen-based benefits is to wear the Active Edge energy bracelet. This fashionable accessory is embedded with low frequency technology. Once it touches your body, it activates the sympathetic nervous system. Immediately, your body will experience an increased rate of blood flow. This clinical trial shows the dramatic breathing improvements in just minutes. Since blood flow is how nutrients get around in the body, it should be no surprise that enhancing it brings about a number of benefits. One of the primary benefits is the enhanced level of available oxygen in the body. This increase in oxygen levels will only boost your mindfulness practice, resulting in a greater meditation experience.

Meditation and the practice of mindfulness is an important step to ridding your body of anger, stress, and frustration. Try active breathing for 4 weeks and let us know about your results. If you really want to see ample benefits, invest in the Active Edge energy bracelet. The increased oxygen levels your body will experience will only boost your mindfulness practice. Shop the Active Edge energy bracelet collection today!