Improve Your CrossFit Workout with the Active Edge Energy Bracelet

For the last few years, CrossFit has dominated the fitness industry as the trendiest form of working out. A typical CrossFit workout involves performing a series of compound exercises in rapid succession. Breaks are a rarity and intensity is through the roof. With the completion of the 2015 CrossFit Games, athletes and CrossFit hopefuls are looking for the best way to boost performance and secure a top spot in next year’s events. The Active Edge energy bracelet may be just what you need to improve your performance and results. Let’s take a look at how this simple energy bracelet can make all the difference.


As soon as the Active Edge energy bracelet touches your body, it will trigger an immediate reaction from the sympathetic nervous system. This is the same system in the body that controls the rate of blood flow. An increase in blood flow provides a number of total body benefits including increased nutrient uptake, regardless of whether you are a hardcore CrossFitter or a regular gym goer. Clinical trials involving over 2,500 subjects demonstrated the positive effects of wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet with a boost in blood flow being reported as the number one benefit.


CrossFitters are renowned for performing their workouts in extreme temperatures. This places a great deal of stress on the body, outside of the workout itself. It should be no surprise that this type of training environment places you at a higher risk for overtraining. With symptoms such as muscle loss and fatigue, nothing will stop your CrossFit goals faster than overtraining.

With the enhanced rate of blood flow caused by the Active Edge energy bracelet, you can rest assured that your body will be at the top of its game. Better blood flow increases the availability and utilization rate of nutrients. Nutrition is the key to recovery. Naturally, the more efficiently your body can use nutrients, the faster you’ll be able to heal and get back to your CrossFit workout.


With your recovery secured, you may be looking for ways to naturally boost your strength and power levels. After all, CrossFit is famous for its use of the Clean and Press. When you want to increase the amount of resistance you’re able to handle, look to the Active Edge energy bracelet. Studies show that subjects reported an average increase in strength by 3% to 6%. That may not seem like much but in reality that could be the difference between completing an event and falling short.

What’s more, thanks to the increased rate of blood flow due to the Active Edge energy bracelet, your body will be able to recover faster, ensuring higher levels of muscle, endurance, and strength.

If you consider yourself a CrossFitter, and want to start pushing yourself to new limits in strength and power, then it’s time to invest in the Active Edge energy bracelet. Scientifically proven to boost blood flow, increase strength, and improve mobility, the energy bracelet is a perfect companion for the box. Take a look at our extensive collection today and experience the difference!

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