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The world of fitness seems to be dominated by images of people who look like they’ve been exercising since they day they were born. What about if you’re just starting on your fitness journey? Do you really need a dozen supplement bottles and the latest trendy diet plan? Should you fill your house with equipment you don’t know how to use? Put simply: No. There are plenty of basic exercises that can allow you to reach your fitness goals without breaking your bank account. One simple thing that you can do to increase your results is to the Active Edge energy bracelet.

The Active Edge energy bracelet is embedded with low frequency technology and it provides a number of health-related benefits that can boost your fitness gains. Let’s take a look at how the Active Edge energy bracelet can make all the difference when you are beginning to pursue your muscle building and weight loss goals.


The low frequency technology found within the Active Edge energy bracelet has been proven through a large scale clinical trial featuring over 2,500 subjects to provide a number of amazing benefits including: 

  • Increased levels of strength (Average of 3% to 5%)
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Boost in balance
  • Reduced total body inflammation

How is all of this possible? Two words: Blood flow. When it comes to your recovery following a workout, the increased levels of blood flow made possible by the Active Edge energy bracelet are going to boost your ability to bounce back. Blood flow acts a carrier for nutrients, ensuring sore muscle fibers receive the nutrients they need for repair. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your back in the gym following your first workout.

Muscle Building

Men and women are both interested in building more muscle. While the look may be different for each gender, the method is the same: you need to stress your body with resistance. For guys, lifting more than you’re accustomed to is key. For women, it’s about muscular endurance, or pushing your muscles past that burning point. For this, a boost in strength is going to be crucial. Lace up the Active Edge energy bracelet and experience an increase in strength, allowing you to lift more and push harder than ever before.

Overall Performance

Being able to recover faster and lift more weight is great but what about your overall performance? The increased blood flow caused by the Active Edge energy bracelet helps to increase oxygen flow throughout the body. Oxygen is not just important for fuel and repair but it also plays an important role in cognitive ability. The more oxygen your body can utilize, the more focused and alert you’ll be. This will translate into an improved athletic performance as you won’t be struggling to stay awake.

Taking the first step towards your new body can be tough, especially when you have so much information (and misinformation) all around you. If you are just starting out, stick to the basics of compound exercises, healthy diet, and a multi-vitamin. As you get more involved in fitness, you’ll find what works best specifically for you. Most importantly, you should support your goals with the safe and all-natural technology found within the Active Edge energy bracelet. Take a look at our latest collection here!

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