Active Edge Can Help Athletes, Elderly, Bodybuilders, & Many More

Everyone is looking for that extra boost in life. Whether you’re training to become the next Mr. Olympia or struggling to regain the ability to walk without pain, if there is a simple, natural, and proven way to improve your chances, you’ll take it. Low frequency technology has exploded on to the health and fitness scene, bringing with it a variety of studies and testimonials to its benefits. The activation of the sympathetic nervous system from wearing an Active Edge energy bracelet has been proven in a landslide study to provide a number of amazing benefits. Let’s take a look at each benefit and how different populations can maximize their performance, recovery, and overall quality of life.

Benefit: Enhanced Recovery

Ideal for: Elderly / Rehabilitation / Athletes (Post Training)

Upon wearing the Active Edge energy bracelet, users will experience an immediate increase in total body blood flow. This is the foundation for the many benefits that follow. In a remarkable clinical trial featuring over 2,500 people, the Active Edge energy bracelet was shown to support the recovery process. Whether you’re just stepping out of the gym, rehabilitation, or bed, this energy bracelet provides the boost your body needs. By improving the rate of blood flow, your body has better access to repair nutrients that may not have been reaching inflamed areas before. This increase in usable nutrients may dramatically improve the healing of muscles and joints.

Benefit: Increased Strength

Ideal for: Athletes / General fitness

When lifting more weight will help you reach your goals of muscle and power building faster, look no further than the Active Edge energy bracelet. During the landslide study mentioned above, subjects experienced an average increase of 3% to 5% in total body strength. Imagine what you could accomplish with an extra 5% boost in strength during your workouts. Push your one-repetition maximum to the limit. Crank out an extra set to encourage a higher level of muscular hypertrophy. The strength you’ll receive from the Active Edge energy bracelet will ensure you accomplish your fitness endeavors. 

Benefit: Improved Flexibility and Mobility

Ideal for: Flexibility-based sports and activities (e.g. – Yoga) / Elderly / Rehabilitation

If you have just experienced the inconvenience and physical challenges of a car accident, then you know that flexibility and mobility are two extremely important things. Maybe you want to improve your yoga practice but you just can’t seem to be able to get the level of stretch you want. By suiting up with the Active Edge energy bracelet, you’ll experience an improved level of mobility and flexibility. Studies show that subjects who wore the bracelet reported a significant improvement in overall flexibility. This can be crucial for those who are physically limited by inflammation and pain in the joints. An increase in your mobility may provide freedom that you thought was gone.

The studies are clear. The benefits are numerous. The Active Edge energy bracelet can play an important part in helping you achieve your fitness goals, recover from injury, and improve your overall quality of life. Why wait? Check out the extensive Active Edge collection and get on the road to your goals today.

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