Benefit: Dog Collar

Improve the quality of your dog’s life! Make your dog feel several years younger
  • Active Edge collars are embedded with frequency technology.
  • Increases dogs blood flow. Increases oxygen. Reduces inflammation.
  • Makes your dog feel really good.
  • Results are extremely noticeable on older dogs.
  • Dogs get around noticeably better and act several years younger.

Active Edge™ includes a proprietary process in which we are able to EMBED extremely low frequencies into wearable products. The benefits to exposing the human body to certain low frequencies are numerous. During the clinical trials, Active Edge was also tried on dogs to rule out any placebo affect. The results are incredible. Active Edge is extremely effective on dogs, especially senior dogs.

Medical experts believe when an Active Edge product is worn it stimulates the nervous system which increases blood flow, oxygen intake, and reduces inflammation. You can read Dr. Erickson’s report on how this works here.

When your dog experiences increased blood flow, reduced inflammation and an uptick in oxygen intake, he will feel incredible. The results are especially fantastic when Active Edge collar is placed on an older dog that is getting around a little slower than he used to. You will immediately notice the results of your dog feeling better. They will act several years younger!