Active Edge™ Regular Custom Medical Alert Bracelet

Survival Straps

$ 69.99 

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Product Information

  • The Regular Medical Alert Bracelet is super stylish, available in your favorite colors and the size preferred by most men.
  • Embedded with our proprietary technology to help fight inflammation & pain, improve sleep & help the body perform at a more optimal level.
  • Made from super strong, waterproof, quick drying paracord.
  • Break away pin included for safety.
  • Hand wash with soap when needed.
  • Available with either marine grade stainless closure, tough black matte nylon closure, or a side release buckle.
  • Sized for your wrist but the shackle closures have 3 holes for adjusting. Side release buckle is not adjustable but makes it easy to put on and take off the bracelet.
  • Guaranteed against defects for life and MADE IN AMERICA!

Closure Types

Get the Perfect Size

Here at Active Edge Gear™ we custom build each piece of gear based on your exact wrist measurement. We want the size of your wrist, not the length you would like the bracelet.We ask that you follow these 3 steps closely:

  1. Take a tape measure, string, or scotch tape and wrap it around your wrist to where the two ends touch and there isn't any slack. Keep in mind this doesn't need to be so tight that it cuts off your circulation, but merely a true wrist size without slack.
  2. Mark this exact length on your string and use a ruler to determine your true wrist size. Order this exact wrist size when checking out, and you are good to go!


Side Notes

If you are in-between sizes, round down to the nearest size. Please remember not to compensate for slack as we do that here in-house based on your true size. Lastly, if you have any questions for our team please shoot us an email at or give us a ring at 1-800-971-3360 and we will gladly walk through the steps with you.



Active Edge™ products are embedded with our proprietary electromagnetic frequency technology specifically geared to fight inflammation.  Medical experts believe that when our product comes into contact with the human body it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This immediately increases blood flow and reduces inflammation in the joints, while increasing oxygen intake. 

Who can these products benefit?  Anyone who is interested in reducing inflammation throughout the body;  People with back aches, joint pain, arthritis and any other ailments where inflammation is the root of the problem.   Many customers, including those with arthritis, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, and other diseases report lessened symptoms and an increase in quality of life.  Look below for testimonials of people who these products are helping to improve quality of life. 

Dr. Robert A. Erickson, M.D., was involved in many of the clinical trials with patients with arthritis and other debilitating ailments. He used thermographic imaging to objectively see the response to the human body when Active Edge™ products were worn. In his reports he states:  A decrease in thermal pattern was observed in participants with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, myofascial dysfunction, or neuropathy. This may indicate that wearing Active Edge™ is modifying or decreasing the inflammatory response in these persons either directly or indirectly through interaction with the sympathetic nervous system. This correlates with these participants observing a reduction in their pain

To read about the different clinical trials and to view Dr. Ericsson’s reports click here.


A good night's sleep is essential for overall wellness and maintaining a good quality of life.  Active Edge™ is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edge™ products are geared to help improve sleep, and more specifically, REM restorative sleep. In our clinical trials participants wearing Active Edge™ products treated with our technology of electromagnetic frequencies reported a significant improvement in sleep quality. This is defined as the ability to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. There was also a significant decrease in soreness, stiffness and pain form the back and neck. Study participants also reported that improved quality of sleep led to improvements in their quality of life due to an increase in alertness. If you are looking to get a great night’s sleep, wear Active Edge™ products to bed.

Many customers are shocked at how much their sleep improves. Note: Many people experience extremely vivid dreams while wearing our sleep products. This is normal and means you are experiencing deeper REM restorative sleep.


Active Edge™ products can help give the body an edge while exercising or playing sports. They are embedded with our recipe of frequencies geared to specifically help increase performance, among other benefits.  Our clinical trials show when Active Edge is worn, 90% of people see the following average improvements:

  • 17% increase in flexibility
  • 8% increase in grip strength
  • Increased balance
  • Increased endurance

Active Edge™ is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. Developed here in America, Active Edge™ reacts very positively to help the human body perform at a higher level. Medical experts involved with our clinical trials believe when an Active Edge™ product comes into close proximity with the body, it activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases blood flow and oxygen intake, while at the same time decreases inflammation, which all helps the body to perform at a more optimal level. This also helps the body to recover from exercise. Get yours and start wearing it today to give yourself an edge when working out or playing sports!

Active Edge™ is proud to offer a wide range of products embedded with our proprietary cutting edge technology to help increase your blood flow and oxygen intake. This will result in an increase in your performance, a decrease in inflammation and improved sleep. All of our products will provide all three of these benefits. Our product line is designed to offer you with a variety of merchandise to fit your comfort and style preferences, with apparel designed with a fabric blend for sleep or the fit for fitness activity and more; as well as bracelets and necklaces in multiple colors and styles.

Learn more about our technology here.

Read Customer Testimonials here.

Active Edge™ products have not been tested on children, pregnant women, or persons with electronic devices such as, but not limited to, pacemakers or defibrillators. Therefore, we do not recommend persons in these categories wear our products.


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